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I’m starting off my SQL Saturday blog with the basics because I learn better when I write down the information for myself. Today’s post is as much for me as it is for everyone else. I’m aggregating a list of Microsoft SQL Server resources, places where questions can be asked or solutions found to common (and not-so-common) SQL Server problems. Let me know if there’s a resource you think I missed.

SQL Server Books Online aka BOL – a database administrator’s best friend and the FIRST resource everyone should go to. You can also download any BOL version you need to your local machine.

Micro-blogging service Twitter has a number of Microsoft employees, SQL Server book authors, and other authorities who monitor various hashtags for issues and questions. I prefer using the Tweetdeck application so I can monitor the hashtags in individual columns without much of a hassle.

Free Training / Organizational Support

Watched Twitter hashtags include:

    #sqlhelp – for getting assistance with problems
    #sqlserver – a general hashtag for questions or comments or general related conversation
    #ssis – for SQL Server Integration Services
    #ssrs – for SQL Server Reporting Services
    #ssas – for SQL Server Analysis Services
    #dbadmin – because #dba can also be used as “doing business as”.

Articles: (newsletters available)


    SQLServerCentral.com – Rookie-friendly community dedicated to Microsoft SQL Server.
    Tek-Tips.com – More than SQL Server, this forum has community support for hardware, software, server, PC, and operating system issues.
    Microsoft Technet – Microsoft’s official help forums. Not very rookie-friendly, though.


    Paul Randall – Worked for Microsoft. He helped build SQL Server. Now works with Kimberly Tripp at SQLSkills. (Updated 09/12/2012)
    Kimberly Tripp – Worked for Microsoft. Knows a lot more than the rest of us. Now works with Paul Randall at SQL Skills. (Updated 09/12/2012)

    Dave Pinal – People keep saying good things about his blog.
    Gail Shaw (aka GilaMonster) – SQL in the Wild. Expert in database corruption and recovery. Knows a lot of other cool stuff too.
    SQL Server Central Experts – People who contribute to the SSC community on a regular basis. There are too many to list individually.
    BIDN – Business Intelligence Development Network. Lots of good people blog here, many of them belonging to consulting firm Pragmatic Works. Includes a number of Microsoft MVPs.

Microsoft Bug Reporting Website – A good place to check if you’re experiencing unexplainable problems. Maybe a bug has been reported that covers exactly what your problem is. Maybe you’ve discovered a bug that needs to be fixed.

FYI: I’m not a big fan of Tech Republic anymore because they seem to have changed from an article / advice newsletter format to a “let’s sell you stuff” format. Similarly, I am not a fan of Experts Exchange because they charge for membership and will not let you see their solutions unless you pay that fee.

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  1. Thanks for putting it all together, Brandie.
    I think Paul Randall and Kimberly Tripp workED for Microsoft. They run their own company now: SQL Skills (www.sqlskills.com)

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